56th Regional Conference | SIRC OF ICAI | August, 09-10, 2024 | Palace Grounds, Bengaluru


56th Regional Conference of SIRC of ICAI

SIRC has been organizing Regional Conferences which attracts Chartered Accountants both in Practice and Industry every year and this year it is presenting its Fifty-Six Edition. The 56th Conference is scheduled to be held on 9th & 10th August, 2024 at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

It is a flagship programme of the year 2024 organized by SIRC of ICAI and hosted by Bengaluru Branch of SIRC of ICAI. The 2 days Conference will have various technical sessions to be addressed by eminent resource persons of international repute on subjects covering, GST, FEMA, Income Tax, Companies Act, Information Technology, Direct Taxes, etc. The Conference will also have spiritual session, health session and entertaining programme for Members and their family members.

Theme Of The Conference

"Derived from Sanskrit, 'JIGNASA' signifies curiosity, inquisitiveness, and the quest for knowledge. It encapsulates our innate desire to seek answers, explore new horizons, and deepen understanding. Harmonizing this theme, 'Adyata' emphasizes accuracy, data-driven insights, trust, auditing excellence, and technology-enabled learning. Together, 'JIGNASA' and 'Adyata' empower us to embrace curiosity, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and embark on a continuous journey of knowledge acquisition"