56th Regional Conference | SIRC OF ICAI | August, 09-10, 2024
Program Schedules
  • 9 August, 2024
  • 10 August, 2024
Tech Session 1

09:30 AM
TO 10:30 AM
CA. Sudhir bheda
CA. Nilesh Shah -
Managing Director at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co. Ltd
CA. Vikram Kothari -
Managing Director & CEO, NSE Clearing Ltd
Mr. Nitin Kamath -
Founder & CEO at Zerodha
10:30 AM
TO 12:00 PM
Inaugural Session
CA. Ranjeet K. Agarwal -
CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda -
Eminent Personalities
Tech Session 2
12:00 PM
TO 01:00 PM
CA. Cotha S Srinivas
Panellist - Past Presidents
CA. K. Raghu
CA. R Bhupathy
CA. G. Ramaswamy
CA. M Deveraja Reddy
CA. B. P. Rao
01:00 PM
TO 02:00 PM

Lunch Break

Tech Session 3

02:00 PM
TO 03:15 PM
CA. Jatin Christopher
CA. Sunil Gabawala
CA. Ganesh Prabhu
Shri. Surya Prakash BS
Tech Session 4

03:15 PM
TO 04:15 PM
CA. Aniket Talati -
Past President,ICAI
CA. Chetan Venugopal
CA. Raj Mullick
Tech Session 5
04:15 PM
TO 05:30 PM
Esteemed Speakers
05:30 PM
TO 06:30 PM

Award Distribution

09:00 AM
TO 10:00 AM
Dr. C N Manjunath
Tech Session 6
10:00 AM
TO 11:00 AM
CA. Naveen Khariwal
CA Padamchand Khincha
CA. Abhishek Goenka
CA.A Shankar
Tech Session 7
11:00 AM
TO 12:00 PM
CA M. P. Vijay kumar
CA K Gururaj Acharya
Tech Session 8
12:00 PM
TO 01:00 PM
CA. Mohan Lavi
CA. Aparna Iyer
CA Ravi Anantharamiah - Vice-President
and Group Controller- Wipro Enterprise.
Ms. Archana Bhutani -
Partner, Deloitte.
01:00 PM
TO 02:00 PM

Lunch Break

And more exciting activities …..
Lucky Draw: Participants have a chance to win prizes through a random draw.
Lucky Stall Visitors: Visitors to specific stalls or booths are eligible for special rewards.
Lucky Couple: A prize or recognition for a fortunate couple.
Lucky Delegates: Special perks for selected conference attendees.
Flash Quiz: Quick quizzes with prizes for correct answers.
Puzzle of the Day: Solving a daily puzzle for rewards.
Most Liked Social Media Post of the Day: Recognition for the most popular social media post.